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Cross Your Fingers

Posted by Sunday on Nov 4, 2008 at 1:39 pm in Apocalypse

This is hard to articulate and even harder to admit, and I expect and deserve a backlash from both my friends and angry strangers, but sometimes, like today, I get a thrill out of not participating in our society.


Stunning cover art for Wastelands by Daniel Kvasznicza (seriously, this guy shoots fairy dust out his eyes)

A while back my mom told me a story, which I am no doubt mangling here but seeing as I am too lazy to call her and clarify, I will paraphrase it for you.

Long ago, before my mom became an angry nurse, she was at some kind of stoner hippie party where a guest of honor was a man we’ll call The Magus.  The Magus was a self-proclaimed clairvoyant of great self-proclaimed renown, and sort of shmoozed his way around the party, generally grossing my mom out.  I imagine him as corpulent and wearing a great deal of patchwork velvet, so I’ll pass that image along to you.  Anyway: my mom realized, as the evening wore on, that this fellow either had no paranormal abilities or wasn’t sharing them.  Either way, she was done with his ass.

But he was getting more intoxicated and eventually responded to someone’s insistence that he tell them something about the future by tersely saying, “When America elects a black president, we will be near the end.”

At the time she was disgusted at the sudden burst of bigotry that came from him, left the party and forgot about it.

30+ years later, she tells me on the phone in a kind of nonchalant airiness, “What if he wasn’t being a bigot?  What if it was a point of fact?”

I like to say that I just don’t have any social ideology, but the reality is that I have a very, very pessimistic one. I’m paranoid, I suppose, in that I don’t believe that “voting” has any real outcome, or that anyone in political office has the “people” in mind (what’s that old adage?  that the desire to be in a position of control should automatically disqualify you?), but since this feeling manifests as a vague disapproval, perhaps I’m not paranoid after all.  Yet again, “grumpy” is the best descriptor.

My point: this morning I said to Halcyon, “I get a thrill at the thought of not voting today.  Like I’m really committing to my beliefs.”

Hal: “Well, the vote in California doesn’t matter, so you might as well do it.”

me:  “And also, I feel like I’d be a hypocrite when I riot after McCain gets elected.”

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November 4th, 2008 | Apocalypse

3 Responses to “Cross Your Fingers”

  1. xadrian Says:

    When I was younger, I tried to convince my friends that not voting was just as much my right as voting. I wasn’t as worldly (re: jaded) as I am now and I honestly believed that if I don’t like either candidate (or at the time, the three candidates) then it was my right to vote or not vote or even write in a name.

    Now I look at it different. It’s not about electing a single person. If it were, the popular vote would count. Hopefully what this fervor spits out the other side is a generation of people who are so excited by this that they start working locally; volunteering for water conservation projects, petitioning city councils, working on a mayoral or state legislative staff. A warrior, no matter how glorious, can’t fight an army, but he can be a rallying call to instill a belief in his citizens to fight for what they believe in and do what they can where they are.

    And as long as we have the right to vote, I’ll defend to the death your desire to not do it.

  2. Leesa Says:


    If you believe what that nutbar said to your mom, even a wee tiny bit (and you know you do)… how could you possibly live with yourself if you didn’t cast a vote for your beloved Apocalypse when you had the chance?

    End-o-times is the one thing I know with certainty you’d vote for with glee, so if you wanna show “commitment to your beliefs” then you’re gonna have to get out of your jammies and get your ass to the polls.

    and don’t forget there’s more than two boxes on a ballot, dood. Your vote on that other shit does count.

    *for the record- that “psychic” was obviously a coked up swinger douchebag. I can name a lot of shit I think will end when Obama’s elected- the world isn’t one of them.
    But boy o boy, I can’t wait to see what kind of cracknuts fly in from google and decide to roost at the Mu now. wee!

  3. Avi Abrams Says:


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