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Fear of a robot planet

Posted by halcyon on Sep 12, 2009 at 5:41 pm in Apocalypse, The Future, Weird Science

Some worry that the robots might eventually become smarter than humans. Here’s what you might have to look forward to if they don’t.

Always here to help,
Psych Officer
Galactic Mu

[Captain says: stop messing with your speakers, there is no volume. This is the only YouTube video we could locate, and it had a copyright issue with the soundtrack.]

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September 12th, 2009 | Apocalypse, The Future, Weird Science

2 Responses to “Fear of a robot planet”

  1. Nastybear Says:

    Hell this is what a whole lot of people are going to want machines for.

  2. Tom Says:

    “The distant future, the year 2000…”

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