Press your spaceface close to mine

PADDY (VIA TEXT): Im at star treck resternt!

SUBSPACE: Awesome! Order a warp core breach!

PADDY: Done and done


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Meditational Item No. 1

Posted by Leesa on May 11, 2008 at 2:52 pm

When you grow weary from the perpetual hyperdrive induced gray blur visible outside the portals, you might wander down to the Gmu Meditational Hall to view the works displayed there. Let them ease the space madness and bring about a magical state of calm wonderment.
No words.

From the collection:



Jareth by Joy and Tom Snyder



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A Special Necklace for a Special Lady

Posted by Sunday on May 6, 2008 at 11:41 pm

Poking around on Etsy will get a girl into ten kinds of trouble, not the least of which is the sudden need to borrow $2,500 from whoever will lend it.  Behold, a most totally awesome necklace:


(click on image to go to sales page)

Etsy seller discomedusa has a great variety of pieces that fascinate me (including these that I just purchased, thus putting a dent in my goof-off budget for the month), but this necklace is out of this fucking world.  Or rather, not – as discomedusa says,

this showpiece is based on the glass diatom and radiolarian models at the museum of natural history in NYC.

I suppose it is for the best that I don’t have a great deal of money at my disposal, or I’d soon find myself the owner of the worlds largest collection of diatom-inspired jewelry.

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AquaJelly + Brain = JellyBrain

Posted by Sunday on Apr 27, 2008 at 12:41 am

Maybe it’s because I just re-read Peter Watts’ Starfish again, and maybe it’s because The Abyss was one of the most influential movies of my youth, but I’ve watched the video of Festo’s “AquaJelly” probably dozens of times now, and each time with a kind of stoned bliss.

Even now as I endure a bout of insomnia, I find it makes me neither sleepy nor excited. It’s just there. The AquaJelly seems to be the equivalent of my idle mind made visual. Some gears. Some pretty lights. Nothing actually being achieved. Except, I’d mute the video and play something in the background, like John Murphy’s “The Surface of the Sun”.

via ZDNet and almost every other website on the internet.

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For Every Monster a Beautiful Face

Posted by Sunday on Apr 11, 2008 at 12:13 am

Back when my mom first started poking around the internet, she was understandably distraught by the overt lawlessness of it all. This was a time when email viruses made the evening news – remember that? Don’t open an email with a subject line that says “I love you”!!! Lightning will shoot from your monitor and destroy your child’s inheritance! At the time she had vague notions that the government might need to step in and control things.

Pshaw! I said, and described it thusly: the internet is like the Wild West; if you prefer things controlled, safe and predictable, stay in the established areas. If you are interested in independence, discovery and deviancy, then feel free to roam. Like the time of western expansion, these latter options are vital: those willing to take risks and explore new things are in fact forging a new lifestyle and future for the rest of the populace. People get hurt and porn pop-ups occur, but such is the price of sitting back and letting the maniacs win all the rest of us fun new things. My mom was agreeable to this idea and has since become a happy webizen. Not that she needed me to make this fairly weak analogy, but I think it might have 0i182644sz100.jpgaccelerated her acceptance: we’re a family that believes the bleeding edge must exist.

These days I find myself thinking of the internet as an organism. Clever, right? Shut up. Anyway, in my mind it has become a vibrantly pustular, fecund, pendulous, expansive, obese, tentacular creature, saturated with diseases, genetic mutation and facing a future unknown. Which means that I love it.

Lucky for me, I am not alone. Lucky for all of us, people like Romanian artist Alex Dragulescu like to make it visible (like the Trojan to the left there).

By entering a few parameters into a 3D rendering program, Dragulescu has produced organic-looking objects by which we may delight and entertain ourselves, much in the same way we once marveled so satisfactorily at the brutal shape of the HIV virus two decades ago.  After all, Grendel wasn’t a monster until he had a face.

What Does A Computer Virus Look Like? at

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Let’s Discuss The Technical Meaning of “3D”

Posted by Sunday on Mar 27, 2008 at 9:12 pm


This is a real product.  Well, the label is real.  Actual results may remain in the second dimension.

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Jone Kvie

Posted by Leesa on Mar 25, 2008 at 9:48 am

Jone Kvie

From Norwegian sculptor Jone Kvie.
Left: Untitled (Carrier) 2006, car paint on bronze, partly polished
Right: Launch 2006, patinated bronze

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Learn Your Spaceships – The Halcyon Way!

Posted by halcyon on Feb 21, 2008 at 4:26 pm

Here I provide a educational illustration of Away Team member Quagmire’s intergalactic garbage-scow Atmo. Originally designed for sub-orbital refuse processing, this sturdy scow was retrofitted for deep-space service.


While offensive for some to look upon – as it is no rarefied and fragile little hot-rod – the Atmo brings tears of affection to the eyes of the most grizzled cosmonauts. Such a fine ship is few and far parsecs between.

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Michel de Broin – Superficielle

Posted by Leesa on Feb 20, 2008 at 1:03 pm


Superficial 2004. Mirror, glue, cement / Vosges, Alsace, France

Predator-esque forest sculpture by artist Michel de Broin.

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Away Team member Quagmire noticed these two ads in separate parts of his local newspaper.

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