Press your spaceface close to mine

Almost two months ago, some teenagers from Spain launched a camera into space with a weather balloon.  Yeah, that’s right.  They recovered their camera, published the photos and are now dining at the long, laden dining table of Scientific Gluttony.  I’m painfully jealous, of course.


Jordi Fanals (not a teenager), Gerard Marull, Martí Gasull, Jaume Puigmiguel, and Sergi Saballs rest easy in the knowledge that they’ll never have to dance for erlenmeyer flask money again.

One of my favorite websites, The Big Picture, has a selection of the kids’ photos up today, as well as a link to the kids’ Flickr set of of images should you want to peruse them.  I think the second comment on The Big Picture page captures the sentiment of the moment: “SCIENCE!”

[The Big Picture's "Scenes from 30,000 meters above"]

[The kids' Flickr page (all in Spanish, naturally)]

¹At my high school, attendance at football pep rallys was mandatory.  I found this to be unfathomably torturous, so I pretended I had principals and sat outside reading a book instead.  When I was caught, I announced I would stage protests until such time that the school found it prudent to hold science or art pep rallys in addition to the football ones.  I was sent to detention.  In the library.   Morons.

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March 20th, 2009 | Daily Space, Techie

2 Responses to “All I Did in High School Was Unsuccessfully Protest a Football Pep Rally¹”

  1. quagmire Says:

    ummm … okay, weather balloon into space? I was not aware that a balloon could leave the atmosphere and continue outward into space. Or did I miss something in this story?
    Is it considered ‘space’ (in the astronomical sense) if there is still enough air, as-it-were, to carry a balloon aloft? Educate me here Cap’n.

  2. Zombie Jesus Says:

    You have to get on the newspaper staff in high school. Pep rally? “We’re working on the paper.” Senior slideshow? “We’re working on the paper.” Feel like having an extra lunch hour instead of learning about chlamydia? “We’re working on the paper.” That shit helped me skip weeks of classes my senior year without garnering a single detention.

    All we ever did with a weather balloon in high school was attach a light to one and float it over a field in the hopes that people would think it was a UFO.

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