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Amazonian Accessories

Posted by Sunday on Jul 3, 2008 at 11:56 am in Daily Space

Sorry about the twice-in-one-week jewelry report, but things seemed grim on the internets lately and well, I’m out of Uranus jokes.


This metal and enamel bracelet is shockingly affordable and while a little kitsch (anyone wearing it had better be armed with a bevy of answers to questions like”Where’s your invisible jet?” and “So you really like Weezer, huh?”), should be worn and appreciated now before the big Wonder Woman summer blockbuster is produced starring some skinny teenage Hollywood starlet who’ll ruin it for everyone.

Wonder Woman Cuff Bracelet  ($25) from The Wireless Catalog.

Found via In Yr Fshn. 

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July 3rd, 2008 | Daily Space

4 Responses to “Amazonian Accessories”

  1. J Says:

    Thanks for the mention! I held back on the Weezer joke, but I’m glad somebody else took advantage of it.

  2. quagmire Says:

    To bad yer maw didn’t name you Wunday.
    … I wanted to but she out-ranked me.

  3. Leesa Says:

    I came *this close* to buying this thing a while back. Only because I can’t find WW underroos like I had as a kid in adult sizes.

  4. Sunday Says:

    You know, my cousins all had those WW underroos. I wish I had a copy of a famous family photo where one Christmas they all got WW underroos w/ matching tank tops and then put them all on and posed. Oh, the ’70′s.

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