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This interview with American astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the 6th human being to walk on the surface of the moon, has Dr. Mitchell by no means mincing around the subject of alien contact with humans. They are real. They have been here for a long time. He’s not joking and indeed, appears to not have a sense of humor at all.

Try to ignore the sniggering British interviewer and listen instead to a very articulate scientist lay it all out for you.

Note: I deeply respect this man and I’d appreciate if snarky comments were left to a minimum.

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July 25th, 2008 | Cryptozoology, Daily Space, The Future, Weird Science

3 Responses to “Astronaut Mitchell Says: “Aliens Are A Real Phenomenon””

  1. halcyon Says:

    So, aliens are real. Good to know.

  2. quagmire Says:

    Quite extensive
    interview (twelve parts @ just under ten minutes each) worth your time if you are into this subject as much as we are here on The G-mu. George Knapp is an award winning journalist who would not desiminate crap under his name. Like any professional, he researches the hell outta his reports. I have every confidence Knapp did not do this interview lightly and with the intention of garnering ‘listener share’.
    Re: Ed Mitchell interview; I believe by far the most poignant statement was the one regarding the Vatican issuing it’s official decree that it is ‘Okay’ under the tenants of Catholicism to believe in Alien entities. This, IMHFO, is just one stage in the overall plan to finally disclose to the public that we have, indeed, been visited by extraterrestrials.
    Funny, about 30 years ago Subspace’s mom and I, driving home from seeing the theatrical release of ‘Close Encounters’, had a long discussion on how we believe such movies are intended by design to ‘soften up the public’ for full disclosure someday. I think that day is not far off now. At least I hope so! I certainly wish our government would cease ‘protecting us’ from the truth of alien visitation.

  3. CmdrSue Says:

    OT – Sunday, I saw this website and thought you might like it.

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