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Astronaut Wears Awesome Space Suit, Is Poked By Kazakhs

Posted by Sunday on May 9, 2008 at 11:07 am in Daily Space

ReutersYou might have heard about the hairy re-entry of a few astronauts last month (their Russian capsule entered too steeply), but we’re just now getting reports of what happened. Well, sort of – South Korean shenaut Yi So-yeon was free to discuss her experiences, but no one is talking about what caused the capsule to veer 300 miles off course and pull a few bonus gees.

Basically she thought she was going to die (well, yes) and found the experience to be profoundly physically painful (I imagine so), but most importantly, once they’d crashed into the middle of absolute nowhere, some curious nomads approached, prodded them and then dragged them from their smoking, blacked capsule. Which is all to say: way to go, nomads! At least we can count on them to not shoot first and ask questions later, a virtue becoming increasingly rare amongst this planets denizens.

Yi, who it sounds like pulled a back muscle during the ordeal, was well enough to give a giant “Thumbs up, bitches!” at a press conference.

Link to source material.

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May 9th, 2008 | Daily Space

2 Responses to “Astronaut Wears Awesome Space Suit, Is Poked By Kazakhs”

  1. quagmire Says:

    Interesting that they have stopped mentioning that one Korean military dude who said that future flights would have a larger ratio of males to females. This, he said, would be necessary to alleviate the obvious insult to the gods. It’s a well know fact that having too many women on any vessel is a recipe for disaster. You will not see this oversight in future flights
    … thank Buddha! Besides, the gals take all that extra shit up with them that can fall and fly around the cabin on re-entry fer krisakes. Me and my technician Spacebuddy dawg only allow one supermodel/actress and/or French Poodle (for him!) at a time onboard The Atmo. It’s an integral part of my flight EULA. Don’t get me wrong, we lurv the womens, just that they should not outnumber the men-in-charge-of-all-things-important!

  2. battlegate Says:

    The whole scene is so freaking cinematic I can’t believe it. The barren landscape, this little anime thing crawling out of her charred capsule, grizzled yak herders with their pokey sticks…

    And look at her! Yay ladynauts.

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