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Bandwagon Here, Jump On Board

Posted by Sunday on Jul 1, 2008 at 12:50 pm in Daily Space

I’ve been wanting to say it for many months now and today I just said fuck it:

Boing Boing sucks.

Wee! Oh, that was cathartic. A very quick breakdown of what is finally making me break my timid silence (and remove Boing Boing from my feeds, and to formally announce that GalacticMu won’t be linking to Boing Boing):

  • They talk almost exclusively about copyright, free speech and fair use, but their comment moderator removes whole comments without warning – not just the ones full of stupid troll speak, but also ones that simply don’t agree – Google it if you don’t believe me, but I’ve seen it happen. Someone was deleted because they said a video was “boring.” I swear. Any comments that are nasty but pro-Boing Boing remain up. Moderator also often posts nasty responses.
  • Tired of reading 10 posts a day about Cory Doctorow’s literary adventures. I don’t dislike Doctorow, I just don’t want a non-stop feed of how many translations a certain excerpt of a story is going through. I thought that was why he has his own separate blog, but I guess not.
  • Both Leesa and I have notice a sharp increase in recent months of stories being scooped/stolen directly from Neatorama, Ectoplasmosis and other blogs, all without giving credit back to where they got them from. Often times also they used the exact same image from the story, right down to the size. Our feeling is that everyone at Boing Boing is just too busy with their personal success/lives to do anything but scoop.
  • Boing Boing in the last few months began a policy of having individual posts sponsored by individual corporations. For example, a post about environmentalism might be sponsored by Honda. This violates so many rules of ethics I can’t begin to list them here. Boing Boing defended this by saying, to no one’s surprise, “Its our blog, we can do what we want to.” Which is true. And also translates to, “It’s our blog, we don’t have to offer trustworthy news if we don’t want to.”
  • More recently, a series of unusual events occurred. Sex-blogger Violet Blue had all reference to her totally deleted from Boing Boing (including interviews), an event that was brought to her attention through several people who found pre-existing links suddenly dead. She openly expressed that she didn’t know what had caused it, and was waiting for an explanation (and assumed some kind of server glitch). Today Boing Boing announced in their now-typically snide tone that Violet had done “something” that made them want to delete her. Xeni Jardin then said (and I paraphrase, but barely) that since Boing Boing was a “Directory of Wonderful Things” and since they no longer considered Violet Blue to be “Wonderful,” they’d deleted any existence of her.


art by Flickr user johnralston

In truth, I’ve just been mass-deleting Boing Boing posts in my feed for a long time now. And in truth, its no secret, at least quietly here behind the scenes at GMu, that we are afraid of speaking poorly of Boing Boing. We don’t want to upset them when we could get a link from them at some point and suddenly jump our traffic up by the thousands. This is a petty feeling to be dragging around and I think we are ready to let it go. I am afraid of pissing off the moderator, Theresa Nielsen Hayden, because she is also an editor at the largest science fiction publisher in the world, Tor. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that Boing Boing is the popular gang roaming the internet, and since I’m afraid of them stealing my lunch money, I always lower my head and tell them how totally cool they are.

I’m done with that. Mind you, I’m whispering it here over on the other side of the gymnasium where they can’t hear me, but I’m doing it.

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July 1st, 2008 | Daily Space

4 Responses to “Bandwagon Here, Jump On Board”

  1. quagmire Says:

    Goddamn gin .. quit driving my bus!
    Awesome comment posted via alien mind-tap in preceding post that was supposed to land here.
    Take my keys, quick before I head home …
    Wait, I didn’t drive anywhere, I am home.
    Pity the wife and kids … oh wait, they left a long time ago.
    Okay, cool, everybody’s safe … sorta
    … where’d I park my ship, the Atmo? Fucking Space Elevator stopped at the wrong floor. No surprise, it’s using Microcyphalisoft coding. They shoulda stuck with Miazaki-Ghibli wares, but nooo, gotta buy ChinaMerican shit.
    Where’s the frelling airlock, I’m going back to my country ’tis of thee … The Atmo … outside the free-space zone.
    (sound of EVA suit directional thrusters fades with only Doppler-effect drifting aimlessly in the void)

  2. NYPinTA Says:

    Well, I’m not Boing Boing and I can’t up your traffic by thousands, but I linked you.
    Good on you for speaking out… even if you are just whispering.

  3. Sunday Says:

    Better to be linked by good company than bad, no matter how many hits it earns.

    Besides, you grouped us together with Twitter, Wil Wheaton, and Jane Espenson – intense!

  4. Alineesive Says:

    I agreed with you

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