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Happy Birthday, Chuck!

Posted by Sunday on Feb 13, 2009 at 1:27 pm in Daily Space, Things That Make Sunday Cry

I have three¹ heroes – people who I can just think about and make myself cry – and one of them is Chuck Yeager, granddaddy of space flight.


Yeager is one seriously gnarly son of a bitch.  I mean, brother has survived jet crashes, a dozen wars,  carried a man over a mountain range in hostile enemy territory, hobnobbed with presidents, went supersonic before anyone else and then in 2003 married a woman 36 years younger than him.  SHAZAM.  Course, he has a tendency to side with staunch republicans on matters of state, but he’s a military boy through and through and we shouldn’t expect otherwise I suppose.  In various interviews and books he’s widely expressed a respect for people of all race and nationality, and forgive me for paraphrasing here, but has said something along the lines of prejudices being the direct result of wartime feelings.  After WWII he served in Germany and was delighted to discover what great fans of hunting and fishing the Krauts were.  Tally-ho!   It was like WWII never happened.

And.  Look how cute he is.  He’s the very model of the Best Grandpa In The World.  Jesus, could you imagine?  If you ever screwed up and your mom was like, “Don’t make me tell Grandpa Yeager.”  You’d be slobbering crying, begging her not to tell him.  Holy mother of god, don’t tell Grandpa Yeager I smoked pot.  Oh sweet lord, please.

Anyway, happy birthday, Chuck!  We’ll keep politely waiting until you pass before we start building the clone army of you.

For a great read (really, it’s actually a page-turner), I recommend YEAGER, by Chuck Yeager and Leo Janos.  I don’t think the title is supposed to be all in caps like that, but it is on the cover of the book and that’s how I think of him anyway.  In caps.  YEAGER.

¹Other two are  Jim Henson and Mr. Rogers.

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February 13th, 2009 | Daily Space, Things That Make Sunday Cry

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Chuck!”

  1. quagmire Says:

    Rog Subspace, I personally feel that bro Yeag invented The Right Stuff! There just better be a goddamn space station or fuckin planet named after Mr. Charles ‘Ice Water for Piss’ Yeager.
    I hope someday to hear over my occucom: “This is your Captain, Subspace Eddy, Luxian Resort cruiser Talon scheduled to make planet-fall on Club Med Yeager Station zero1200 Solar Sidereal Time. Please configure your Sony stasis lounger for arrival.”

  2. Natybear Says:

    I have meet him, he didnt seem like that nice of a guy.

  3. jack mayer Says:

    Just found your site…
    enjoyed what you said about Gen Yeager.
    I had the privlidge of hearing him speak
    a few years back…the man calls it like
    it is. I wish I had my pic made with him…
    thanks for this…

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