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Here, Have A Giant Squid

Posted by Sunday on May 1, 2008 at 11:27 am in Cryptozoology, Daily Space

The last few days have been a gelatinous blur, caused in large part by the professional quantities of pseudoephedrine employed to stop a mysterious brown jelly from coming from my sinuses.  Every attempt I’ve made at being creative has resulted in the same half-sentences of frenetic boredom, if you can imagine such a contradiction.

Also: anyone who says that the replacement chemicals for pseudoephedrine they’ve foisted on the public are in any way equal, I invite them personally to a contest of my choosing.  I choose bake-off, incidentally, and a gentlewomanly warning: I will beat your ass so far into the ground your family will need to hire a forensic anthropologist to identify your remains.  But the matter remains: pseudoephedrine is a miracle drug, and I imagine that it will soon go the way of every other drug that makes life worth living.  It’ll be available only via prescription, which means that anyone who wants any will need to run the gauntlet of suspicious, paranoid doctors who do not believe that educated adults can take care of themselves.

Let’s move on to the giant squid, yes?

The Te Papa Museum of Wellington, New Zealand is far and above the best museum I’ve ever been to, so it comes as no surprise to me that they are now the home of the foremost giant squid of our time, which they refer to charmingly as “The colossal squid.”  I think it gives the creature an added respectability.


Photo © unknown/Te Papa’s Blog

They’ve been sporadically blogging the process of unthawing her and then preserving her remains in formalin.  Expect photos and direct communications from the scientists examining the squid.

Te Papa’s Blog via Neatorama

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May 1st, 2008 | Cryptozoology, Daily Space

4 Responses to “Here, Have A Giant Squid”

  1. aargh Says:

    i subscribed to their blog feed the moment i found out about it.

  2. aargh Says:

    also: woo hoo! giant squid!

  3. Padawan Valdez Says:

    Ooo shit, Sub. Caught in the Southern Ocean? Um,…go to Wikipedia and type in “Bloop.” Maybe you already know about this one, but I don’t know how down with forteana you are. Me? Cover-to-cover reader of Fortean Times now, grew up watchin’ Spock Himself present “In Search Of…” and readin’ Time-Life’s Mysteries of the Unknown books. But that’s enough bragging. I’m taking bets on whether it’s gonna be Mu or R’lyeh that this baby’s return address leads to. Or maybe Decapod 10?

  4. subspace Says:

    Man, you are pretty much going to have to start being a contributor if you keep telling me about these things. The Bloop just got me so hyper I have to go wash my windows.

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