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Hold On, Buddies

Posted by Sunday on Sep 11, 2008 at 9:37 pm in Apocalypse, Daily Space

33% of this website’s personality and 107% of it’s computer skillz is facing the oncoming path of Hurricane Ike.


In honor of this imminent bad news, I’d like to recount the following conversation during the last hurricane about a week ago.

Sunday: Hey, I turned on the news and the weather guy was all, “Great news everyone, New Orleans is going to be fine! The hurricane is headed for Houston!” They seemed really happy that the hurricane was headed for my best friend.

Leesa: It’s okay, New Orleans doesn’t need that shit. Sometimes I turn on the news and the weathermen are like, having these dramatic fits all A HURRICANE IS HEADED RIGHT FOR YOU and a few hours later there’s a light rain. You know what we call them?

Sunday: What?

Leesa: Hurri-CAN’Ts. Get it?

Sunday: I get it. I was just wondering if you could evacuate to Austin or something.

Leesa: Ooooh no. No. You know what will happen when the storm gets to Austin?

Sunday: It’ll turn into art cars?

Leesa: Tornadoes. Those things are fucked. They’re like, weather’s Velociraptor. You’re just sitting outside, minding your own business and BLOU! It snatches your baby! And your house!

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September 11th, 2008 | Apocalypse, Daily Space

7 Responses to “Hold On, Buddies”

  1. Leesa Says:

    You know at first I thought this graphic didn’t do Ike justice. But now that I look at it… the gigantically ominous glowing phallus bearing down on us really does convey how fucked we might be.

    meh. I’m in the bunker. Generally if you stay in your above sea level house and its not actually on the water you come out ok.* It really is the tornadoes you gotta watch like a hawk. Evil crafty fuckers.

    *um actually I’m totally freaking out. I mean, you ever hear of the 1900 storm? gulp.

  2. Sunday Says:

    Well, crap. I was doing a good job of convincing myself you were perfectly safe, right up until you said you were scared. Now I’m half in fucking tears.

    I noticed that it was a giant cock coming your way, but I was too tired to animate it into a pounding .gif or something. Now if something happens to you I’ll always feel like a shitty friend for not doing it.

  3. halcyon Says:

    It doesn’t look like a cock to me. You all are cock-crazy.

  4. Sunday Says:

    Lucky for you.

  5. Nastybear Says:

    This is a bit off topic but did anyone see Geraldo eat that giant wave on Foxnews? It was to cool, I hate Geraldo.

  6. Sunday Says:

    I did, as a matter of fact. Watching anyone get hit by a giant wave is almost pure, concentrated comedy, so yes. It was great.

  7. xadrian Says:

    And if anyone cares (I know, late to the party) Austin didn’t even get rain. It was partly cloudy and breezy with 100% chance of same-ol-boring-weather. Still, I’d rather have that than more than 1,000 mosquito bites.

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