Press your spaceface close to mine

Our own Leesa Leva has a painting in the Domy Books “Monster Show 3″, a fairly elite line-up of some seriously fantastic artists. I’d insert an image in this post but I BROKE MY PHOTOSHOP and now I am pacing, dead-eyed, unable to shower even.

If you’re in Texas, head to Houston immediately. Or, on Halloween, when the show actually opens.

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October 29th, 2008 | Daily Space, Visual

8 Responses to “If You Like Art, or Girls, or Dungeons & Dragons, or Monsters”

  1. Aaron Leva Says:

    i also submitted, but as i was not explicitly invited, mine might not make it into the show.

  2. Sunday Says:

    Its always about you, Aaron.

  3. Aaron Leva Says:


  4. Sunday Says:

    No, I’m sorry. Actually, it isn’t about you nearly often enough. We miss you at Mu.

  5. halcyon Says:

    More Aaron, now, please. Thanks.

  6. xadrian Says:

    “If you’re in Texas…” is sort of like, “If you’re in Spain.” Still, it’s only three hours away from here…

  7. Aaron Leva Says:

    no no. you’re right. my piece wasn’t very good anyway.

  8. Leesa Says:

    oh for flark’s sake aaron, they can’t tell you’re screwing with the good captain. for the record, my husband is more goofy and considerably less snively than this exchange implies.
    …and your shit was rad and you know it.

    check out the pics from the show er’body:
    Monster show 3 on flickr

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