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More Terrestrial Drama

Posted by Sunday on Sep 15, 2008 at 12:09 am in Apocalypse, Daily Space

Sorry if you’re a regular reader here for scifi, but apocalyptic weather is pretty awesome. And I don’t mean like “Awesome, dude!” but “Lo, and His Wrath was Awesome.” I might not be making any sense. It’s early and I stayed out late dancing last night. We left when my friend’s leg was humped and a woman flung her hair at me and showered me with hot sweat. You know that scene? In the second Matrix movie? Where there is the giant, damp, underground hippy rave? It was like that.


Turns out Leesa, our Ship Engineer, took some photos afterall! Almost certainly to make a fool of me, but I’ll take it where I can get it.



She’s one of the very few who have power right now, thus proving that God may not totally hate Jews. Good job, GalacticMu crew!

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September 15th, 2008 | Apocalypse, Daily Space

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