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The Whole P.K. Dick Thing Is Starting to Make Sense

Posted by Sunday on Dec 8, 2008 at 8:12 pm in Daily Space, The Future

I could spend time writing about the essence of Los Angeles, but luckily Geoff Manaugh already did it for me:

“The whole thing is ridiculous. It’s the most ridiculous city in the world – but everyone who lives there knows that. No one thinks that L.A. “works,” or that it’s well-designed, or that it’s perfectly functional, or even that it makes sense to have put it there in the first place; they just think it’s interesting. And they have fun there.
And the huge irony is that Southern California is where you can actually do what you want to do; you can just relax and be ridiculous. In L.A. you don’t have to be embarrassed by yourself.”

Not a single word of this essay is untrue.

From the delightfully, functionally futuristic bldgblog.

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December 8th, 2008 | Daily Space, The Future

One Response to “The Whole P.K. Dick Thing Is Starting to Make Sense”

  1. nypinta Says:

    Well, I’m relieved then. Because when I was in LA I was pretty much freaking out over how completey screwed up the place was and I feared for mankind in general since we spawned such a place. But as long as everyone knows it’s a cluster frak, I can sleep better now. (And the subway! What? Just… what?)

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