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Things On My Mind: Good People, Good Times Edition

Posted by Sunday on Feb 25, 2009 at 3:12 pm in Daily Space
  • So… remember all that smack I talked about Dollhouse?  Yeah.  I take it all back.  Episode 2: The Target, was excellent and really felt as though it were intended to be the real pilot.  It was grim, sad, gruesome, violent (man, no one has faked tired and terrified as well as Dushku since Veronica Cartwright’s Lambert) and surprised me by creating a strong seed of compassion between Echo and her handler, Langdon – I went from not giving a shit about any of them to really wanting to see how the Buffy/Giles Echo/Langdon relationship pans out.
  • Did you miss seeing Blindness?  You shouldn’t have.  While good writing can put a reader into any headspace, seeing the frenetic, identity-killing effects of mass blindness creates a tension that is unparalleled.  A bit of trivia: the actors often wore contact lenses that literally blinded them, making their frustrated, hesitant bumblings genuine.
  • After reading an interview by Elizabeth Hand expressing approval of the James Tiptree Jr. biography, I checked it out from the library and haven’t been able to put it down since.  It had been enough for me to know that Tiptree was really a woman posing, successfully and famously, as a man in order to publish her science fiction, but to no one’s surprise but my own there’s a hell of a lot more to the story.  The woman behind Tiptree, Alli Sheldon, was a fascinating, strange, broken, brilliant creature with one of the more bizarre life stories I’ve ever read about. Highly recommended, even with the increasingly pedantic musings on Sheldon’s sexuality.
  • Quagmire, our resident space-hobo, gleefully pointed out the hilarity of the military realization that programming robots to kill some humans and not others is harder than it sounds.  Instead of Asimov’s three laws, which prohibit harm to come to a human being, the military has whined for the need of a very Sun Tzu-sounding “warrior code”- one which would allow robots to kill people, but according to certain ethical standards.  The best part?  You can read the 112-page military report yourself!  Really, truly excellent reading, including the discussion of what they’ve termed “rampancy” — robots gone wild!  Oh, the entertainment value!  Seriously, print this thing out, take a drink of bourbon every time you LOL while reading and you’ll be drunk in 5 pages flat (the phrase “a robot’s lack of true Kantian autonomy” made me blow tea out my nose).
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February 25th, 2009 | Daily Space

2 Responses to “Things On My Mind: Good People, Good Times Edition”

  1. quagmire Says:

    In re: Dollhouse -
    Totally agree with yer impressions. First epi … meh! … and nearly decided it was shite. Bored evening of second epi and thought, okay, one more chance Whedon & Co.
    Lo and behold, not too shabby. More intensity, more rationality, more plausibility (debatable, granted!), MUCH better acting. At least they fucking explained Echo’s blender-face! Still, with all that ubber-technology, can’t they give the girl a face-lift (or face transplant) … sheeesh!
    Note: Yes, the ‘beds’ are totally a stupid concept … insults my intelligence. I DO like the co-ed showers tho. heh hehheh

  2. quagmire Says:

    Update: Episode 3 (Feb.27)
    I can tell you in unequivocal objectivity, Josh Whedon had absolutely NOTHING do do with this episode whatsoever! I’ll wager you a months salary he was in the south of France when this was written and so poorly executed back in the States.
    It stank, bigtime! Ridiculous prime-time masturbation by the writers. I feel they owe me an extra hour of my life for the total waste.
    (Correction: my last post named blender-face ‘Echo’ … sorry, just some really good herbal essence. Mellie, I’ll mend my ways soon. Naw … the hell I will!)

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