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Posted by Sunday on Feb 3, 2009 at 3:54 pm in Daily Space
  • Peter Weller = Ladyboner.  What with the inclusion of RoboCop (one of the finer anti-postmodern capitalism films ever made) (brother, I am not even joking) on Hulu recently, I’ve rekindled the nerdfires for America’s favorite neurosurgeon, particle physicist, race car driver and rock star.  Oh, and art history professor.
  • I have moved into the most caterwauling neighborhood in America.  A teenage girl next door warbles with preposterous volume through such classics as  “Umbrella” and “Single Ladies”.  Across the alley a young man in his underpants manages to pull himself out of drunken stupors in order to stand on his balcony and play acoustic guitar while moaning pitiously.  At night.  During the day, a man next door (unknown clothing state) sings in a kind of initially pretty, Mid-Eastern tremulo… for hours.  The same song.  FOR HOURS.  My upstairs neighbor greatly enjoys playing the 80′s rock local station and singing poorly along – something about a 40-ish aspiring actor mangling “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” really hits the whole “I live in Hollywood” thing home for me.
  • Again with the Twilight novels: the entire plotline hinges on Edward and Bellas inability to be apart from one another – even for a day – while at the same time Edward and his vamp pals are tortured into physical rages at the smell of her blood (in one important scene she gets a papercut and sends the vampires into a murderous tizzy – I wish I were joking).  So, what do they do when she’s on her period?
  • I swear I’m not a paid to mention Hulu so often, which I suppose is sadder than if I were, but should you feel like totally sobbing, they now have the the National Geographic Nova documentary Challenger: The Untold Story.
  • Like much of America I’m preoccupied with Octopussy mom Nadya Suleman, the 33 year-old woman who just had eight babies extracted from her thorax, while already having 6 other babies at home.  Reasons for my preoccupation include but are not limited to:
    • the rumors of her being unemployed
    • a psychologists commentary on the socially acceptable but unaddressed issue of women manifesting Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as either a compulsive need to be pregnant or collect babies (Halcyon pointed out that the oftimes male equivalent of this is to be a workaholic – no one hates a workaholic, right? Except their loved ones.)
    • the fact that Suleman and her doctors believed there were only 7 babies but “found” an 8th during extraction
    • the recently revealed news that Suleman’s 6 other children were also conceived in vitro (it’s one thing to have two crazybags make as many children as they can before the earth runs out of food – Mrs. Duggar, is that you? – but it is another to have a team of medical professionals agree that it seems psychologically and morally sound to turn a woman into a vending machine)
    • comments I have heard and read from people who are shocked that Suleman is either not married or separated from her husband – really?  That is what is bothering you about this whole thing?
    • the vaguely suspicious wording of her publicist in the following quote – what are you trying to hide, you guys?

    “She’s smart, she’s bright, she’s articulate, she’s well-educated and she has a wonderful sense of humor.”

  • I recently watched the much-panned Babylon A.D., and despite suffering from a severe degredation in storyline during the last half of the film, I kind of don’t get the hate-rage people had for it.  It was certainly better than a few other science fiction movies I’ve seen recently, and the art direction was pretty excellent.  An admirable Blade Runner rip-off, if you ask me.  Just to ensure that everyone discredits me entirely, I found it just as entertaining as The Dark Night, a movie that had been unfortunately hawked to me as “The Greatest Superhero Film of All Time” thus ensuring that my brain constantly snagged on unlikable elements of the film as I watched it.  It was okay.  Good.  I’d hesitate at calling it great and definitely halt at calling it “The Greatest”.  Oh, don’t get your leotard in a bunch – why so serious?
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February 3rd, 2009 | Daily Space

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