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We Await You, Our Robotic Overlords

Posted by Sunday on Apr 3, 2008 at 10:35 pm in Daily Space, Techie, The Future


The want for a society free from violence, free from want, free from meatiness, it is still here.  Because we haven’t yet created our soon-to-be plastic and alloy caretakers.  In the meantime, keep an eye on the folks at MIT.  Which is good advice on any occasion, really.

M.D.S. Personal Robots at The MIT Media Lab.  Be sure to watch to video – this robot’s movement and control are fantastic.  Note to MIT: please stop using plunky jazz bass soundtracks for your robot videos.  This is neither an episode of Seinfeld nor a corporate training video.  One word: Vangelis.  

(Found by BattleGate)

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April 3rd, 2008 | Daily Space, Techie, The Future

2 Responses to “We Await You, Our Robotic Overlords”

  1. xadrian Says:

    I’ve been waiting for them too, for a long time. I don’t think we’ll ever actually see robots “…in human living spaces, such as homes, offices and hospitals.” You know where I see robots? In MIT videos. Where are all the Asimos? Weren’t they supposed to be taking care of our elderly by now? I think all they do is trade shows for Honda.

  2. battlegate Says:

    I disagree, there are plenty of robots already in homes. We’re slowly working up to mass production, technology and cost-wise. But for now programming references on the internets and cheap pre-made models (as well as modular kits) have offered expanded resources for DIY robot builders (check out Robot Dreams for some homebrew action and practical robots in action).

    And what about Wakamaru (it runs on Linux and only costs around $14k)? And the robot helpers in public spaces in Japan?

    …or Roomba? I know, I know, it may not home school yer kiddies but hey, it is a household robot.

    Don’t lose hope, we’re getting there.

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