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Where No Personal Accessory Has Gone Before

Posted by Sunday on Feb 5, 2009 at 3:51 pm in Daily Space

There are a few reasons I pay to run this website despite having zero monetary return on it (bask in the calming glow of no ads, travelers!), and one of them is that, slowly, the people I’d really like to meet trickle in on their own.  Years ago my father worked for a company that monitored developmentally disabled criminal offenders¹, and one of the men was a harmless fellow who had it in his mind that if he – in his paraphrased words – let the ladies see what he had to offer, they’d come to him.  It’s a good idea, honestly.  Why go through all that complicated courtship process when you could just offer the goods up front and let the interested parties apply?  Unfortunately this manifested as his exposing himself at a nearby 7-11, but those are just details.

What I’m trying to say is: GalacticMu is our 7-11, and this is what we have to offer.


Look what showed up!  Commenter Jamie dropped by an old post about Icheb the Borg and helpfully left a link back to her Etsy shop, Studiohalo, where holy self-exposure, Jean-Luc!


Check it!   And at a mere $18, them’s some fancy ear-fancies, fellow nerdlings.  Should that not be your style, how about some Warcraft earrings?  Or Rebel Alliance?  Though to be honest, I’m most considering these feather earrings since I’ve been on a real Road Warrior bender lately and while I can’t commit to a massive natty mohawk, huge black acrylic feathers seem just as apocalyptic.  Though, they’d get lost in my dark hair.  Ooo!  Unless I asked her to make white ones?  I know I must have an extra bank account lying around here somewhere…

Hopefully Jamie isn’t insulted with being compared to a woman being attracted to a special needs flasher.  You buying some of her stuff might help.

¹’Retarded convicts’ is the PC term, I believe.

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February 5th, 2009 | Daily Space

3 Responses to “Where No Personal Accessory Has Gone Before”

  1. Natybear Says:

    I would get my Wife some Star Trek ones, but I want to stay married!

  2. Jamie Says:

    Aaah! lol Thank you for featuring me here! I don’t mind the comparison, the 30+ hits from your site even it out. hahaha :D

    No need for an extra bank account, just e-mail me your mailing address and I’ll send a pair of WHITE feathers your way as a thank you! :D


  3. Sunday Says:

    Jamie!! Well I’m glad someone else actually went and looked at your wares, at least. You can trust these readers as far as you can throw them. Which, if you’re anywhere near as fit as we are means you can’t even mime throwing something without pulling a neck muscle.

    I’m consulting with my personal stylist over whether I want white feathers or mirrored ones, after which I will gladly actually pay for them. Or donate to the Australian Red Cross or whatever in our collective names, we’ll figure something out (koala bears! need rescuing!).

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