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Writer Peter Watts Beaten and Arrested By US Border Guards

Posted by Sunday on Dec 11, 2009 at 1:31 pm in Daily Space

GalacticMu favorite Peter Watts, Canadian citizen and all-around pleasant guy, was physically assaulted, pepper sprayed, left without belongings or even a jacket in a winter storm (I realize this sounds fabricated, but it is true) and then charged with felony assault on a federal officer this last Tuesday, and he needs our help.

There’s the usual disgusting troll-saturated crap going down at Boing Boing right now (after more than a year of not reading Boing Boing, reading this one post was a stomach-churning reminder of my convictions) if you’d like to read the details, but it doesn’t really matter.  Watts’ life will be ruined if he is successfully prosecuted for felony assault on a US federal officer (witnesses say he did no such thing, as if I have to clarify that) and even if he defends himself he is still going to be in serious debt and will have problems entering the US for the rest of his life.

If you can spare even $10, we beg you to donate to Watts’ legal defense.  Even if on a purely selfish level: every hour Watts is forced to deal with this fucking bullshit is an hour he’s not spending writing.

Please go donate at his website, Rifters. There is a PayPal donation button on the page for “The Niblet Memorial Kibble Fund,” which was originally a place where friends could help Watts take in stray cats.  Until a more appropriate link is arranged, it is where you can donate to his legal fund – just be sure to clarify what the donation is for.

With horror,

The GalacticMu Crew
Sunday “Subspace” Williams, Captain
Leesa “BattleGate” Leva, Ship Engineer
Mike “Halcyon” Peterson, Psych Officer

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December 11th, 2009 | Daily Space

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  1. NYPinTA Says:

    Hi. I was just wondering why there haven’t been any updates since the end of 2009. I understand that sometimes people either get bored or too busy for online hobbies, but usually there’s a note or something saying, “see ya!” so… just curious. Maybe frettful. Whatev.

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