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Gimme Gimme!

Posted by Sunday on Feb 22, 2008 at 11:31 pm in Games

This was already featured on Neatorama today, but I am excited like a monkeynaut in a banana galaxy, so I’m going to show it off anyway.

Carnegie Mellon student Johnny Lee was all, I wonder what happens if the Wii remote senses backward? And if there were more data “on screen” then could actually be seen from a static, 2D angle? PA-POW! Hear that, meatbags? That’s the sound of video games GETTING FUCKING AWESOMER.

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February 22nd, 2008 | Games

One Response to “Gimme Gimme!”

  1. Quagmire Says:

    I’m totally fascinated by the pattern that has developed with the act/art of invention. Used to be,a scientist (insert fave here; Michaelangelo,Curie,Edison,whoever)had some cool ideas and theories. He’d wangle monies from venture funding fat cats mewing to be fatter. She’d hire the best nerd-brains she could recruit, toil for years in a fancy lab and spend lotsa Fat Cat’s moola in the process. Sooner or later he’d inevitably produce something useful and Fat Cat would purr, getting ever plumper.
    It’s all different now. Some young man or woman, out on the bleeding edge of technology, starts playing with bits and pieces. Something cool happens, synapses fire in patterned sequence and she says to herself, ‘WTF? Would Ya lookit that!’… no lab, no nerd-team, no moola (yet).
    Genius rears it’s goobercyphalic head … another singularity in a universe of thought wormholes. Quantum leapfrogging advances us closer and closer to 42.
    I fuckin’ luv it!

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