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Just As We Suspected

Posted by Sunday on Jun 7, 2008 at 4:08 pm in Gross Morphology, Techie

According to My Heritage, I am Japanese.


Find out what race you apparently are at My Heritage’s extremely accurate celebrity face recognition page.

Special thanks to Flickr user lalalaa Dolce Vita for pointing out this thrilling technology.

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June 7th, 2008 | Gross Morphology, Techie

7 Responses to “Just As We Suspected”

  1. quagmire Says:

    geez kid, you’re in some good company there. Don’t ya wonder if they ever throw in somebody NOT attractive? i mean, there are some not-so-attractive celebs out there … somewhere, right? it’d bee fun to submit a really homely, facially-challenged pic and see what happens. maybe i’ll submit mine …

  2. Maven Says:

    I just ran three different photos through this thing and fully half of my matches were Japanese too. I think someone uploaded a disproportionate number of photos of Japanese celebs I’ve never heard of. But I think I look more faintly asian than you do. Maybe I should upload one of my pics in full opera makeup.

  3. Sunday Says:

    You totally should upload one in full opera make-up! And funny that you should write that, I’m listening to Einstein on the Beach right now. Which I think is considered opera. I don’t actually know much about opera. Well, I listen to Vengelis’ Mythodea frequently. Can opera have synthesizers? Oh my god I’m such a hillbilly.

  4. Vita Says:

    Dahling, I’m so glad to discover your Asian heritage! We’d never have known, if not for that great website!

  5. Vita Says:

    HA! I just ran a couple more through, and it told me I look like Beyonce Knowles AND J EDGAR HOOVER! I have rarely been so amused. That is SO going on my OK Cupid profile. Take that, LARPers.

  6. Sunday Says:

    No. NO. A combination of J Edgar Hoover and Beyonce? Oh my god, I think we’ve stumbled upon the greatest prank someone has ever passed off on the internet maybe ever. Please tell me you saved that profile.

  7. Leesa Says:

    Well, it looks like I’m the love child of several Japanese girls and Heath Ledger.
    See here

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