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Book Review: Mutant 59: The Plastic Eaters, Pt. 2

Posted by Sunday on Apr 28, 2008 at 11:36 pm in Literature

Welcome to Part Two!

The continuation of a page-by-page summary of a British scifi novel from 1972.


Read Part One.

Events are color coded. Red is for acts of violence and destruction. Violet is for sexiness. Green is for amazing science.

pg. 102: Man sees woman’s panties as she descends ladder. They are white.

pg. 105: Woman lays head on Man’s lap for a quick, professional nap.

pg. 106: Cameo visit from Lovecraft!

“In the shaft leading to the grille a mindless, groping mass of malodorous corruption was thrusting its way silently towards the surface. Buoyed up by bubbling foam it steadily rose. Single units in obscene abrogation of normal order divided and made two. Two became four and four, eight. Endlessly supplied with food, each unit absorbed nutrient and in a soft, ancient certainty fulfilled its only purpose – to multiply, to extend, and to multiply.”

pg. 107: More violence against commuters!

“There was a brief flash, a deep, thumping detonation, and the concrete shaft split open like a hatbox, totally dismembering the commuter.”

pg. 108: Death to secretaries!

“Young secretaries ran screaming as the acid drenched down over them, bubbling their skin into great yellow blisters.”

pg. 114: Death by electrocution! CPR described as “the kiss of life.”

pg. 118-119: Woman gets angry at man for withholding information from her, then apologizes: “I’m a cow.”

pg. 119: Scientist determines the direction of a draft by licking finger and holding it up.

pg.120: Man instructs woman to “stand back and admire my muscles.” Woman answers, “Oh, balls!”

pg.124: To get warm before a fire, Woman removes everything but her panties and her bra, which Man notices as being “almost transparent.” They make out.

pg.133: Flashback to scientist drinking a large glass of sherry and then inventing plastic-eating bacteria.

pg. 135: Scientist death by aneurysm!

pg. 152: Press conference takes news of total plastic failure well – news that sewage will be diverted to the Thames is met with near-rioting.

pg. 168: This sentence:

“A polythene jug sagged, buckled and tipped over, releasing a spreading pool of custard.”

A jug of custard?

Stay tuned for Part Three! 

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April 28th, 2008 | Literature

4 Responses to “Book Review: Mutant 59: The Plastic Eaters, Pt. 2”

  1. Halcyon Says:

    This book makes me want to be a scientist.

  2. quagmire Says:

    @ Halcylon: It also makes me glad you’re NOT a scientist!
    … muuahahahaha

  3. aargh Says:

    Well just what do you suggest I keep my custard in? A tureen? How do carry around a tureen of custard? Where’s the convenient handle? How do I tip it to my lips?


  4. Mogodore J. Bivouac Says:

    I read this book when I was about 11 years old. I definitely recall the pg 124 scene with the semi nude woman. That was hot stuff when I was 11. I also enjoyed the book in general.

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