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Hey, You Got Your Sackboy In My Apocalypse Animation

Posted by Sunday on Jan 12, 2009 at 9:21 pm in Movies

This is the first I’ve heard of it, but I came across a trailer for a Tim Burton, how The Matrix should have been, LittleBigPlanet mashup:

Yes? No?

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January 12th, 2009 | Movies

One Response to “Hey, You Got Your Sackboy In My Apocalypse Animation”

  1. quagmire Says:

    Yes. I would see this if not just for the music! Rammstein Philharmonic Orchestra; Du Hast Opus in D-minor. As those Tenacious Boys would say, “Fuuuuck Yeeeeeah!”
    Also, if the Movie Launderer Pimptards are gonna keep giving us whored-out shite like ‘The Day Keanu Stood Still’, then I’m more than ready for the likes of Crispin Glover and Christopher Plummer sackboyz saving humani … erm, our LittleBig Planet. Unseen, I give this four Rockets outta five!

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