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Posted by Sunday on Feb 5, 2009 at 12:36 am in Movies

Man, it must have been… two years ago? Three? On another blog, in another lifetime I wrote about a trailer that was made, an experimental trailer for a movie called The Mutant Chronicles. The experimental part was that the director, Simon Hunter, really, really wanted to make the film but needed to prove that he could make an atmospheric, effects-driven futuristic zombie/mutant film on a small budget.

And here they actually made it! Impressive, if not exactly as interesting-looking as the original trailer was (the original had no storyline and was therefore sort of dreamy and grim – sometimes story ruins everything). Still: Ron Perlman! Sean Pertwee whom you may not remember from such movies as Dog Soldiers, Equilibrium and Doomsday!

Of course, it takes about one second for someone to watch it and go “LAAAAME WHY ARE THEY WEARING WWII GEAR?!!!1!?” but I have to say: it’s a beautiful looking film. Women swinging swords around, that’s always good. Rag-tagness ahoy. Fuck, I’ll go see it.

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February 5th, 2009 | Movies

2 Responses to “Sproing!”

  1. quagmire Says:

    Looks pretty good to me. Nice level of intensity (if they just maintain a modicum of it through the whole story). Spaceships and swords (more accurately, knives here)can’t be all that bad, eh?
    I can’t believe you mentioned those actors, who are admittedly very good, but failed to include John Malkovich … dur

  2. Natybear Says:

    Well the retro look works for me, but of course I liked Firefly (cowboys in space). The movie looks like it could be good. I mean how you could go wrong with mindless Zombie violence.

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