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HeeHaw. bots

Posted by Leesa on May 30, 2008 at 3:37 pm in Techie

Texas-based KumoTek introduces a new line of bots (with awesome names like KT-X Gladiator) which can be controlled with your PS2 wireless controller.


via Engadget

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May 30th, 2008 | Techie

2 Responses to “HeeHaw. bots”

  1. Zombie Jesus Says:

    The other day the library’s computer called our house with one of their prerecorded messages (“You have…one…item being held at this time…This is…the…Olympia library…”) and I made the mistake of telling Sylvia that the “library robot” had called. She became intensely interested, wanting to know if it was a “big robot or a small robot” (I said it was small), and then she wanted to call the robot back. I felt horrible that I couldn’t make that happen for her.

  2. Sunday Says:

    Oh man! I also want to call the robot back! Thanks, Zombie Jesus!

    I used to LOVE it when the robot called for Mike because it said his whole first name, his middle initial and his last name all together in one totally and utterly screwed up word. It would call and say, “This is a message for MIKALAARRRPETTEEEERRRSON” and I’d bust up laughing. In fact, it earned Mike his nickname “Miklar”.

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