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I Don’t Have An Excuse

Posted by Sunday on Jun 6, 2008 at 9:19 pm in Techie

Hi. My name is Sunday. You may know me as “Subspace,” or, the girl who ostensibly has a website. No? That’s okay.

Let’s pretend the last few weeks of nothingness never happened.

That sentence didn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense. Looks like I still got the magic!

Y’all are probably already on top of it, but Mozilla-gened Songbird is on the scene, a little application that aspires to be Firefox for music collections. And, as I already described to Quagmire, a system for finding DRM-free downloads a.k.a., the probable death knell. All I know is that I go through these periods where I crave a song I’ve heard but as someone that doesn’t really listen to music on a regular basis (more on that in a moment), I can never justify buying an album. Additionally, I have a lasting resistance to iTunes after it crashed two of my laptops. Sure, that was years ago, but I have digital scars like some people have emotional ones.

Generally speaking, I have only a few times where I actually want to listen to noise above and beyond the sound of my own degenerating biomass. I can’t listen to music while writing unless it is either so totally familiar that I can hear it without actually registering it on my forebrain, or there is nothing even closely resembling human speech. This narrows down my library considerably. And eclectically.

My recent music crack has been the Swedish pop star Robyn (whose website, it needs to be noted, looks suspiciously like something GalacticMu’s own Leesa “BattleGate” Leva would have designed), and if I want to listen to “With Every Heartbeat” seventeen times in a row, then by damn it, that’s my right. Not actually, but I’m an American so I have to say that at least once a day or they take my apple pie away. Anyway, the reality is: my writing mixes are often a mix of Gorillaz, Toto, Robyn and Vangelis, and no self-respecting person actually admits to that sort of thing unless they’ve got ladyballs of solid adamantium.

I’m going to go keep playing with Songbird some more in an attempt to procrastinate writing the articles I need to get written from the last two weeks. Whatever, I got until Monday.

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June 6th, 2008 | Techie

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