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Borg Love

Posted by Sunday on Jul 16, 2008 at 4:55 pm in The Future, TV

If there is one thing that moving is good for, it’s the surfacing of long-forgotten sketchbooks.

Exhibit A, c. 2000:


For the non-nerdy, this is Manu Intiraymi, the actor who played Icheb the Borg Drone on Star Trek: Voyager. His is a sad story, but mitigated by my gigantic crush on him. Not Intiraymi, mind you, I had a crush on the Borg:


I think I sketched Intiraymi to hide my Borg-loving shame. I have no such shame now. Hot, ex-hive-mind action. Have to teach him to love again, but also he’d never get all moody on you. Bits of metal. I think it’s a healthy fantasy.

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July 16th, 2008 | The Future, TV

5 Responses to “Borg Love”

  1. Leesa Says:

    Riiight, you didn’t like Manu, just Borg Icheb.
    Manu was totally chatting you up at that ST Convention and you know it. Besides, you know he’s still got that borg outfit laying around his house so who says you have to pick one?
    (I’m kidding Hal)

    The closest thing I got to flirtation that day was a fatherly pat on the arm and an autograph from BSG Series 1 Boomer… sigh. Why couldn’t Starbuck have been there? Whhyy?

  2. Jamie Says:

    I was googling “Icheb” to find out who the actor is when I stumbled across your blog.

    Why was I doing this? Because I grew up on Star Trek, and my husband didn’t, so I’ve been introducing him to it. We have made it through TNG, DS9, and now we’re on Voyager. Well, when we got to the episode where Icheb is a drone I thought “WOW! What a cute drone!” lolol

    So I am in the same boat, I heart the drone.

  3. Jack Says:

    What kind of women get wet and sticky for the Borg?
    Are you folks Republicans?

    Maybe I am just jealous of Icheb.
    I am old enough to remember women complained about men’s insensitivity to the presence of a soul inside their package. The complaint was, “You just want me for my body!” If I am reading the above correctly, Icheb is hot because he would come without the liability of a soul and feelings. You girls are confirming my worst fears.

    Is the idea of converging with the hive-mind the big draw?
    Maybe you need to practice Kama Yoga or something.

  4. quagmire Says:

    @Jack: Dude, go spank yer monkey and get over it. Why in Hell’s name are you trying to figure women out. Talk about an exercise in futility … frak! BTW: I’m a healthy, straight male and I get all worked-up over the Borg Queen … hotchacha mama! And she has no frelling torso man! Thank Buddha for diversity in humans.

  5. Sunday Says:

    Dear Jack,

    I’m going to answer your question thoughtfully, and with minimal sarcasm, so hold onto your hat.

    As an unrelated and what I believed to be obvious side note, we are in fact none of us Republicans. Anyone with a serious interest in space exploration and the advancement of science in American is not a Republican.

    Women still complain about the insensitivity of the male of the species, but also then they had fetishes, they just didn’t blog about them.

    This should help with your world view: I think on some level, I for one don’t believe that the Borg are utterly without feeling or emotion — I believe in the Borg mythos, the ‘humanity’ (or whatever ‘___ity’) is just greatly and in many cases irreparably suppressed. I think it is a fair stereotype to say that many women are attracted to things that are broken so they may repair them, which feeds right into the Borg niche. The idea of a man or woman who has lost their way so violently, needing perhaps only a caring shoulder to draw them back to life? There’s a lot of sloppy, gooey, old-fashioned sentiment there. Plenty for you, I should hope.

    And because I am a uroboros: or it might be that a robot with the body and the accouterments of a living man is a fine thing indeed, the ideal end to decades of dildo technology. Because who doesn’t want the accidental clink of one’s teeth against an unexpected piece of metal?

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