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Posted by Sunday on Dec 28, 2008 at 7:12 pm in Weird Science

Well!  Things are very exciting in these parts, by which I mean the upcoming colonoscopy I get to have in a few days.  It’s not really a surprise since I need to get them with some regularity due to my disease, but I thought that some folks might like a walk-through of what it is like to get one.  Because you will need one soon too!  You are older than you think!

Basically, there are two kinds of colon look-sees.  There is a “sigmoidoscopy” which means the doctor uses a camera to view the first two feet of the colon.  A sigmoidoscopy does not require the patient be knocked out and is often done when just a light screening is needed (for example, you’re getting older but you don’t have any symptoms of anything wrong and there isn’t a lot of colon problems in your family), sort of like a dental cleaning as opposed to actual dental work.

Then we have a colonoscopy, which requires sedation due to the discomfort of the procedure.  A long camera (the endoscope) is inserted into the anus and then explored all the way up to where the large intestine meets the small (about five feet total).

It’s time for me to have a colonoscopy because of a three reasons.  I only needed one reason, but I waited until I had three.  I’m difficult.  Anyway:

  1. People with Crohn’s Disease are at high risk for cancer and polyps and need to get colonoscopies about every five years to be safe.  It has been longer than 5 years.  I’m not gonna say how much longer because I’m embarrassed.
  2. New research is showing that cancer and/or polyps start showing up about 18 years after Crohn’s onset and it has been 19 years since I think my symptoms started.
  3. Back in May I had a Crohn’s event that I thought was a bad flare-up but the doc thinks was actually a micro-perforation of the bowel (this was news to me).  This really shows that we need a new baseline of what my bowels are doing down there in the dark, in secret.

So, no-brainer.  Time for another colonoscopy.

The thing is: I’m terrified of the prep process.  I hate it.  So!  To distract myself, tomorrow I am going to be live-blogging the whole event!  You read right!  GalacticMu will be returning to its regularly scheduled programming in the next week or two, but until then, please tune in tomorrow and the next day for the most exciting colon-blogging on the internet.

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December 28th, 2008 | Weird Science

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